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100 Women in Golf is a show that reveals the habits and inner battles between big name women who have influenced the game of golf and those who have benefitted from the game in their business. Our mission is to give praise to and learn from the women who have shaped the game and the business world for all of the rising stars to come. We know that everyone is unique and they have defined their own path to success. I’ve become obsessed with understanding how golf plays a role in the success of business men and women, but more specifically women. I want to reveal the replicable things that successful women do on the golf course and to find the patterns, not so you can copy it exactly but so you can absorb it into what you do every day. to make your own success and one day be part of the 100 Women in Golf.


Jenn Harris


Management & Marketing, Podcasts, Business, Arts, Sports & Recreation, Outdoor, Fashion & Beauty
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