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Podcasting to the world from the heart of Santa Monica, CA, renowned paranormal investigator and Award-Winning Documentary Filmmaker Chad Calek (American Ghost Hunter, Paranormal State, Sir Noface), along with life long best friend and acclaimed film producer Justin Holstein (A Blood Red Sky, The Ghost Prophecies)) co-host the debate-filled, heavily opinionated, highly entertaining PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast, which is a bi-weekly podcast in which Calek and Holstein present listeners with the most recent claims of bizarre, mysterious and unexplained events, as reported by credible media news outlets from across the globe. In addition to Calek and Holstein discussing and debating such events, as time and schedules allow, over time, PARAMERICAN RADIO will also features countless fascinating guests, such as musicians, actors, authors, scientists, parapsychologists, Hollywood executives, social media influencers and more, who wouldn’t regularly have the opportunity to speak their mind when it comes to the world of the paranormal. And last, but not least, on each PARAMERICAN RADIO podcast, Calek, Holstein and guests will also share their thoughts on current headline-making “mainstream” events around the world, while also offering movie reviews of both new releases and lessor known independent features, just before ending each podcast by answering fan questions submitted to Calek and Holstein via social media. When it comes to conspiracy theories, ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, The Illuminati, Ancient Astronaut Theory, psychokinetic ability, prophecy, psychic ability and everything else that the term “paranormal” encompasses, no matter who you are, everyone has an opinion. PARAMERICAN RADIO is the place you to come to explore those opinions with a smile on your face, as above all, PARAMERICAN RADIO in incredibly entertaining, in which we invite you to join the fun by CLICKING THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON! Thank you in advance for your interest and welcome to the PARAMERICAN RADIO family! - Chad and Justin


Chad Calek and Justin Holstein - Executive Produced by Thomas Lee Bottom


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