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Welcome to Our Town, a new podcast produced by Best Bark Communications and hosted by Andy Ockershausen. A third generation Washingtonian, Andy spent his career in broadcasting at the Evening Star Broadcast Group, WMAL and WMAL TV, Channel 50 and most recently Comcast/NBC Universal. Andy’s experience and leadership at major stations has allowed him to conduct business and develop close relationships with individuals including presidents, sports heroes, and influencers in the political, business and charitable communities. Twice weekly, listeners will have the opportunity to catch up with people they consider their heroes, old friends or newsmakers from the past in Our Town. Each guest will share their personal stories and how they view their contributions to Washington, D.C. community. After all, it is what we learn from the past that may help us with the challenges of the future.


Andy Ockershausen host of Our Town


History, Podcasts, Society & Culture, Business, News & Politics, Management & Marketing
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