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The Nuremberg Moot Court ( takes place every year. The competition aimes to encourage university students to become familiar with International Criminal Law by arguing a fictitious case in front of the "International Criminal Court". At the same time, it promotes the fundamental heritage of the Nuremberg Trials: criminal accountability within armed conflicts in keeping with the spirit of Human Rights and governed by the principle of fair trial as enshrined in the ICCPR in particular.The Nuremberg Moot Court also aims at enabling students to improve their public speaking and practical legal skills. Students will come to understand the practices of the International Criminal Court through active participation in the competition. In addition, the competition seeks to advance knowledge about the International Criminal Court's mandate, functions, and jurisprudence. The language of the Court is English.The final round of the competition will take place in the historic Court Room 600, original setting of the Nuremberg Trials after World War II, thus connecting the past with the present while offering a unique and historical educational experience.Music:


Prof. Dr. Christoph Safferling


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