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How do I upscale my side hustle hobby or grow my handmade business? Build my following? Price my pieces? Find my niche? Create a killer brand? Make a profit? These are some of the big questions on the minds of many makers out there and here on the Profitable Maker Podcast, it's Krystle Linton’s goal to not only explore these common hurdles but to help you take important actionable steps to grow your handmade business like the boss you are. As one of the macrame industries leading ladies (as Home Vibes Macrame), Krystle draws from her own experiences as well as interviewing other inspiring and successful makers to talk about all things handmade business; from marketing and branding advice to tackling self-doubt and fear. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the extra confidence, inspiration, strategies and oomph to help drive your handmade venture forward!Have a question or topic you’d like to hear covered? Let Krystle know at or join The Profitable Maker Podcast Facebook Group!


Krystle Linton


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