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Psychonautic Travel Stream w/ Psychill Psybient Psydub Downtempo Electronic Psychedelic Tribal World and more. Curated by deepgoa est. 1998 - It all started in the distant 1998 with the P2P platform Audiogalaxy, my DEEP-GOA nickname and Goatrance group DEEP-GOA Club (Switzerland). There we discovered, released & shared countless albums with our 800 group members. After the shutdown of Audiogalaxy, in Soulseek 2003-2004 we had a short stay, then we discovered P2P Direct Connect, where we could build & interconnect various international PtokaX hubs (located in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland) to one big p2p network, the DSNetwork (Deep Space Network, based on the NASA program) was born. At the culmination of the DSNetwork about 3'000 people were connected daily via our network. And again we shared TBs of Music ;) Due to the technical complexity (LUA scripts, multichat, hub rules, hardware etc.) and the emergence of new platforms aka MySpace, SoundCloud and other streaming services, new technology like Smartphones and so on, the DC DSNetwork slowly dissolved. And we aged too. Thx to Uw, LG, Drac and many more! 2007 I started my personal project at Wordpress, called DEEPGOA’s electronic sessions. The preparation and creation of a daily electronic music global guide (DJ sets & mixes, promos, news and creative commons netlabel releases) was a challenge which lasted until the middle of 2010. (After more than 5.5 million visitors, about 13,000 daily visitors, Wordpress was not amused :) In these days it’s quieter ... it's all about electronic music! Podcast available on Influences: Pink Floyd, Rockets, Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Giorgio Moroder. DSNetwork - we speak Alien! -deepgoa


Franc "deepgoa" Rioxa


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