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Many people want to be a doctor at some point in their life but few are actually successful. How did they do it? What secrets do they know that you don't? And why are they even doing it? The journey to becoming a doctor will cost you numerous years, countless dollars, and more time than you can imagine. So *why* do so many people want to become a doctor? Dr. Alana Trotter (Dr. Trot) is a former collegiate athlete, current resident physician, and entrepreneur determined to defy the odds and show others how to do the same. A self-proclaimed stubborn dreamer, Dr. Trot created DoctorGoals to start a movement of eager doctors and doctors-in-the-making dedicated to the medical field without losing sight of themselves. Subscribe to The DoctorGoals Podcast to hear incredible stories from people in the "trenches" and chasing after their DoctorGoals. INSTAGRAM: @doctorgoals DoctorGoals Attire:


Dr. Alana Trotter


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