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DJ ALTON is without no doubt hooked on music. Music is his oxygen and without this he would ceased to exist. At the early age of 13 he was given a record player and would borrow or save up his pocket money to buy vinyl to play on his small player. He would also collect scraps of wood and mesh found in the local area to make speaker boxes for better sound quality. Music is most definitely his born given talent there is no mistake in that and you only need to look at him while he’s playing too see that he is in his own world….but yet can capture his audience and send them into a singing/dancing frenzy…always selecting that tune you expect or want to hear next but didn’t know until you actually hear it… DJ Alton he’s like a musical wizard….with supporters all over England, Europe, USA and of course his home land Jamaica & the rest of the Caribbean his talent and services are requested on many different avenues…. Weddings, Christenings, parties, Launch night events; you name it…




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