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MARKY P Marky P is a Music Loving Gadget Freak and started playing with Sound Master and QBase on his Amiga at the Age off 11. Always interested in the funky Vibe and waveforms he linked his basic sampler to a mixer and by the age of 14 was doing mashups to his friend and family with samples mixed in over the top. So an early start for Marky and by the age of 16 was a DJ on Cruise FM in 1984. Continuing through in various different Genres till 89/90 then retired to normal life with the Occasional Mashup and Party set for various people. Influences were from the hip hop era like Kurtis Blow , DJ Cool Herc ,Grandmaster Flash, Melle Mel , Funkadelic ,James Brown, Stetsasonic ,Dr Dre (NWA) Soul Sonic Force (Africa Bambaata) and the visionaries of that era.So an early Hip Hop Influence for Marky P and its now all intertwined with Funk Soul Boogie and New school Cool jams bringing flavours across 5 decades.. Still having that funky itch vibe he started hi Mashups again after meeting up with his old Friend Roy C (Soundchaser) in about 2008/9 (being at college with Roy back in 85-87) and his good friend DJ Connie (runtings crew) from the original CenterForce FM in London. His show is The Paradise Sessions on Wednesdays from 8 till 10pm GMT Many Thanks for reading.


Marky P


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