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Peaceful leadership advocate & mentor Maya Mathias hosts The Executive Book Club podcast, a meeting place for curious minds and battle-weary souls. Maya helps executives, business owners and non-profit leaders tap into the insights of leaders and critical thinkers who have come before us, and shares ways to integrate their practical wisdom, accelerate the soul-searching process and experience profound success amidst the stresses and strains of executive life.Each episode of the Executive Book Club podcast explores a theme or thought from a book on leadership. Don’t expect to see only the bestsellers here - Maya enjoys discovering and reflecting on lesser-known works that have important things to reveal to us.Tune in as Maya shares work or life strategies to help you benefit from both the written knowledge of the ages and modern-day leadership superstars. And be sure to head over to for exclusive show updates, and a FREE report on the 6 vital keys for global leadership success.


Maya Mathias | Ingenious Strategist & Executive Coach | Inventive Links LLC


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