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The Military Spouse Show is a podcast hosted by Dr. Krista Wells, the Military Spouse Coach® and Military Spouse Mentor, Wendy Poling. The Military Spouse Show goal is to inspire and empower military spouses to create their ideal lifestyle. Each podcast provides, “insight and inspiration for intentional living”. The Military Spouse Show is an exciting mix of life coaching tips, interviews with experts / professionals, senior-level military leadership, and celebrities. Krista and Wendy’s shared vision is to grow the military spouse community by always providing ideas and strategies that listeners can use to improve their health, increase their wealth, and build stronger relationships. Join a wide-ranging and inclusive community that extends far beyond physical boundaries. Get your coaching on the go with co-hosts Krista and Wendy today.


Krista Wells, The Military Spouse Coach ® and Military Spouse Mentor, Wendy Poling


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