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ATX Television Festival has a reputation we’re pretty proud of: “TV Camp for grown ups." 

Each June, showrunners actors, producers, all of the TV industry and the most incredible fans come together for one of a kind screenings, in-depth panel conversations, and...breakfast tacos...BBQ...margaritas. You get the picture. 

Now we're bottling that TV magic as a podcast! In our inaugural podcast series, we've recorded conversations with some of our favorite people in TV, each one exploring a different TV topic. You'll hear from pros about everything from creating the sound of a show (TV Mixtapes), to the complexities and importance of representation (Complex, Not Complicated), to the mysteries of little-known TV jobs, like showrunning (A Showrunner Defined). 

So pull up a log, gather around the campfire, and settle in for 6 very different stories about the world of television. 

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This series is co-produced by Madica Productions.


ATX Television Festival


TV & Film, Podcasts, Society & Culture
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