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Hey, my name is Julian Virgona, and welcome to Unpopular Opinion. This is a blog and a podcast all about unpopular opinions by an unpopular guy. I’ll be talking games, movies, music, current affairs, and probably more topics about which I am passionate. This will include reviews, opinion pieces, critiques, and debates. I love pop culture especially, but it’ll likely be whatever I feel like discussing at the time. I’ll be writing a weekly post on the blog every Friday, and then following it up every Monday with a podcast episode. In the podcast I’ll be expanding on the topic in the weekly post, since you can only write so much in a blog, and I’ll definitely have more to say that can only be covered in a podcast. I’ll even sometimes feature guests, so we can have a bit of a debate. Tune in and have a read, and hopefully we can all have a lot of fun, and some great conversations.


Julian Virgona


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