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Blood, Sweat & Tears is not your average sports podcast. This is a podcast that will dive deep into the lives of the athlete in ways outside of the physical performance. The title of this podcast is also not just a phase used in the sports world, but something that is meaningful and personal in every single word. Blood: The blood that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had shed for in order for to be redeemed and have a new life. Sweat: The hard work and grind that is put in with the grind in sports. Tears: The emotional and psychological strain that the mind endures. With these three word the goal of this podcast is to share with the world not just the physical side of sports, but the emotional, psychological, & spiritual side. We will cover some of the news in the sports world, but the overall purpose of this podcast is to provide inspiration and encouragement to athletes and sports fan that are seeking to have a personal relationship with Jesus in a unique way.


Blood Sweat & Tears


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