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If there are two things Tarnelia Matthews and Eloise Varma know it’s social media and talking… But mostly talking. Join the girls, and an occasional guest, for Hot Social, their new podcast where they’ll be putting these skills to work. Every episode they’ll discuss the latest in social media news and take a look at big issues through the lens of social media. From sexual harassment to reality TV they’re going to answer the ultimate question: is social media evil? Follow us on our newly launched Twitter: @itshotsocial If you’d like to appear as a guest on Hot Social Tweet us. Tarnelia Matthews: Tarn is a trainee counsellor and creative-cum – occasional blogger with an arts background and eyes and ears to ground. She likes to talk about stuff and then she likes to write about it. Or sing about it; depending on how she’s feeling. Follow her on twitter: @tarnmagic Instagram: @tarnmagic Eloise Varma: Eloise is a digital marketer by which I mean she likes to Tweet and likes it even better when someone will pay her for it. She’s worked in industries from booze to government, two areas she’s discovered are scarily similar, and now she’s talking about it. Follow her on Twitter: @elliesstuff, Instagram: @elliesstuffs and message her on Linkedin:


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