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Gaming on any system is a mysterious world to me and I stand on the edge and look into it like Alice at the entrance to wonderland.Recently I jumped into that black hole and found myself lost in a place I don't understand. It is a place full of spectacle and phenomena which feeds my imagination. In many ways I represent all the people who know nothing about games, who are uninspired and uninterested in games. As such, I'm not sure whether I'm particularly welcome here. The way I look at computer games is nothing like an ordinary gamer would look at them. My 'reviews' are naive, ridiculous observations that only someone totally inexperienced could make.I am inspired by that edge where two distant and separate things meet. What I am interested in is the collision of my own creative world with the creativity of the gaming world. There is something about the gaming wonderland which challenges my understanding of what constitutes beautiful art. It's tempting to be something of a purist when it comes to art, and particularly my own art of creating music, but recently notions of possibility and process have been more important to me than clear-cut, polished beauty.What I have created here I created at home in my spare room, with whatever I could find lying around the house. These songs come from a place of immediacy - like the first word that comes into your head.


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