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The Read.Write.Repeat podcast was born from obsession. In its basic form, it is an obsession with storytelling. To our loved ones, it is just that, a strange quirk, nothing more. For us, it has evolved into a driving thirst that results in grandiose projects, strange discoveries, wild dreams, and the occasional hastily erected shrine. Come along as we impulsively pursue all manner of literary ecstasies and plan elaborate escapades and forays into all things reading, writing, and publishing.We are excited to bring you a podcast focused on reading and writing from two people with unique insights into the industry. Read.Write.Repeat will inspire your reading and writing and feed your passion for the written word. Here is the basic structure of our podcast: * Bookish Rants with Kaisha–Come along as Kaisha talks about her most recent bookish nirvana, discusses reading related injuries, or talks about the antics of her quirky customers. The topic is book love, and the scope is endless. *Author Rants with me–I promise I won’t always be whining about my most recent rejection letters. Together we will contemplate my pantsing struggles (and I’m not talking about keeping my pants up), my wildly inappropriate writing ideas, the crazy situations I find myself in, and my penchant for trouble. The topic is writing passion, and the road is bumpy. *Prompt Up–I will provide you with a fun writing prompt to inspire your imagination. *Short Story Powwow–Kaisha and I will be discussing short stories each episode from both a readers and writers perspective. We will announce the story in the previous episode. *Nerd Girl Lit–In light of the story we have read, I will be introducing a literary term, movement, or concept in the nerdiest way possible. *Books, Quirks, and Intrigues, Oh My!–In this section, we build off of what we’ve discussed earlier, circle back, connect it to bookstore or publishing trends, unite things, and follow random ideas that pop into our heads as we talk.


Hosted by Kaisha, indie bookstore owner, and Kelsey, a speculative fiction author


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