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In 1966 Peter Bergman's pioneering talk show “Radio Free oZ” airs on Pacifica Network's KPFK. Bergman invited three friends – Philip Austin, the show's producer; David Ossman, the station's former dramatic director; and Philip Proctor, an actor – to join him as the four of them pretended to be the panel of an imaginary “oZ Film Festival”. This performance of "Radio Free oZ" marked the beginning of The Firesign Theatre's unparalleled career in comedy. Bergman returned with RFoZ in 2010, back on the 'air' with podcasts Monday through Friday, co-hosted with David Ossman. Sadly, Peter entered the Bozo Bus one last time on March 9, 2012, after complications from Leukemia. The Radio Free Oz team will continue Peter's legacy with archival material.


Peter Bergman


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