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Pride and Prejudice, a comedy of manners and marriage, is the most famous of Jane Austen's novels. In this dramatic adaption by Mary Keith Medbery Macakaye some liberties are taken with the storyline and characters, but it is still a fun listen or read. Perhaps a good introduction for someone not ready to tackle the complete novel ~ and for the reader familiar with the work, a laugh can be had at the changes that were made in order to adapt it to the stage (Summary by Maria Therese)Cast:Mr. Darcy: Algy PugMr. Bingley: Chris MarcellusColonel Fitzwilliam/Harris/Martin: ToddHWMr. Bennet: Robert Hoffman and Kevin W. DavidsonMr. Collins: Noel BadrianSir William Lucas: Nolan FoutColonel Forster: AnthonyMr. Wickham: Chuck WilliamsonMr. Denny: VikingJamesMrs. Bennet: KristingjJane Bennet: Tiffany Halla ColonnaElizabeth Bennet: Elizabeth KlettLydia Bennet/Lady Lucas: DuanCharlotte Lucas: Amanda FridayMiss Bingley: April GonzalesLady Catherine De Bourg: Nathanial W.C. HigginsHill (The Housekeeper at Longbourn): KerrieRae ClarkeMartha (The Maid at Mr. Collins's Parsonage): AvailleNarrator: Lauren BurwellAudio edited by Maria Therese ,/p>




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