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Every week Powered Up hosts Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin explore innovative ways to stay focused in a world that is experiencing dramatic change. Uncertainty is all around us and it’s up to each one of us to look inside ourselves for ways to thrive in this ever changing environment. Changing your beliefs, your habits and your priorities is never easy, but now it is critical. Finding out who you really are, discovering your purpose and finding out what you are capable of achieving is a glorious gift. You will become the light for others to follow. The truth is you have no control over life’s constantly changing circumstances. What you do have is control over is how you handle them. When you realize that there are benefits in everything that life throws at us, dealing with it won’t be quite so difficult. There are always lessons to be learned and those of us who understand this won’t be as resistant to the change.There are no accidents in life, and if you’re ready to open your heart and mind to new ideas Powered Up is the show to explore what’s next.


Sandra Beck


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