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Hate to listen to music alone? Have you tried Internet Radio but wished there was some interaction with the other listeners and the host DJ? You've come to the right place! The chat crowd is a HUGE part of the Point Of No Return. Join Steve Cozart each Monday, where like-minded (and not so like-minded) PROG lovers enter the DLBN chat room to share in the education and exhilaration of hearing the type of music you always wished you could hear, but couldn't find on conventional radio.Steve's show started out as an "all-Kansas" format, which brought new listeners to the Dividing Line. The "We're Not In Kansas Anymore" segment, where Steve introduced other new and interesting bands to the listeners became the most popular segment. "It was the segment of the show that generated the most responses and requests via email and the chat room", says Steve.So, the show now has a new format, where Steve plays dynamic and exciting Progressive Rock and other interesting genres of music that reaches a world-wide audience every week. We're living in an exciting period for Progressive Music! There are amazing Prog artists out there who can now be heard, right here on the DLBN! The show can be heard live, in Podcast, as a stream and in downloadable form!There is still a strong focus and loyalty to Kansas, Steve Morse, The Dregs, Steve Walsh, Proto-Kaw and all the other bands that launched the show, so tune in to get the best of both worlds. A different point of view...the Point Of No Return!


Steve Cozart


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