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Pirates of Savannah is a historical fiction novel about the birth of liberty in the south. It takes place during Pre-revolutionary age, truly a fascinating time in history that has been greatly ignored by other Authors. At it's heart it is a tale of prisoners, refugees and societies casts offs all joining together to escape from government tyranny and discover a path to liberty. Find out how a group of oppressed colonists gained the courage to start defying authority and begin planing a revolution from British control. It is a gritty, vivid account of what life was like in the 1700's and is loaded with real obscure historical events that time erased and buried. Follow the group of freedom seekers as their adventure takes them through Savannah, St. Augustine, Charles Towne and Cape fear, as well as many other towns of the Low Country. Most importantly it is a fun read loaded with action. The hardback book will be out in October but you can download the ebook and video extras at completely for FREE! I will be taking a big risk because I still believe people are good. I will be releasing the ebook version completely FREE in hopes that people will enjoy it enough to donate. If you are really broke then take it for free and share it, but if you like my work and want me to keep writing liberty themed fiction then please donate below so I won't have to eat cat food tonight!




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