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Integrity shows the level of excellence,Love and help,And it shows your decency,Sanity, rationality, wisdom and sense,From work and judgment.The poet and philosopher Ronnie Lee is back with his seventh book that continues to unravel the mysteries of life. Philosophy: Back to Basics tackles the dynamics of power—where it springs from, how it is wielded, and ways to harness it. In Lee’s unique form of narrative free-verse poetry, Philosophy: Back to Basics unleashes a powerful and rising intellect on the topic. Discover the source of sexual attraction. Learn the motivations of each gender. Acknowledge the purpose and place of fear. Explore the dynamics of race relations. Study good business practices. And heighten your sense of spirituality.It’s all contained in this remarkable and comprehensive volume. Through it all is the message that we can improve ourselves and our lot through a more philosophically aware, spiritual outlook that encompasses all aspects of life. In short, the goal is nothing less than a complete guidebook for better living—and, by extension, a better society. Philosophy: Back to Basics is the kind of life-changing book that will stick with you long after the cover is closed.


Ronnie Lee


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