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This was the highest rating Melbourne breakfast show for much of its run from 1965 till 1986. To listen to it now makes you wonder why as it sounds so dated and is just the ramblings of a bitter and grumpy man who was living in the past and had more interest in the British Empire of old than the country he had lived in for most of his life. Despite this millions of people started the day with \"The Evans\" and had some affinity with his attitudes. Although being on air for so long relativity few recordings exist, however i have many hours and i might as well start putting them up while there are still people around who care. He has now been dead for as long as he was doing the show, and to listen to them now does bring back the memories of mornings long gone. This first batch of recordings are from the \"Cosway Collection\" a listener who recorded a lot of stuff off air in the 70\'s and in generally good quality as well. Seems these were recorded in 1978.




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