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Learn how to use your IRA to gain tax-deferred or tax-free wealth.From Real Estate to Commodities, investors across America are using their IRAs to accumulate wealth that is tax-deferred or tax free. California Investor Radio is an educational program designed to help investors learn about opportunities for their self-directed retirement plans.Since 1981, The Entrust Administration has been assisting people who want to invest their IRA or Individual 401(k) plans in investments they know and understand. With 4 offices in California, our hosts are specialists in local economies and are up-to-date on current tax law changes. Each week they will conduct interviews to educate listeners on investment possibilities. Entrust Administration believes that the IRA holder is the best person to make their own investment decisions. We offer no investment advice or recommendation, but rather provide education to listeners interested in controlling their financial future. Join the Entrust team every Thursday from 10-11a.m PST.




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