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If you are one of the billions on this planet who feel as though outside forces are controlling your life, this podcast is for you. For most of your life, you have been told to DO, so you can BE something or someone in the future. This Beyond the 3D podcast will give you the formula for owning your power and controlling your life. When you do not own your power, you often do the wrong things because you do not know you are really in control. Your life is defined by drama, worry, fear and scarcity. You are not a human DOING, you are a human BEING, and as such, how the power to turn a life of lead into a life of gold. Listen to this podcast and I will help you tap into your innate power and be the alchemist you were always meant to be.We live in a 3D world ruled by of drama, fear, anger, and scarcity. If you experience these negative feelings and emotions on a daily basis, you can rise above it all. The way you perceive events shapes what you experience, inside and out. When you shift your perceptions, you change the script you are living and your role in it. In this podcast, Michael J Russ and Glenn Brooks explore different ways of elevating yourself above the 3D world to experience more happiness, money, freedom,and intimacy---free of the negative feelings and emotions that weigh you down and inhibit growth.I am Michael J. Russ, an international bestselling author, trainer and keynote speaker. I am also a musician, singer, world traveler, and master of my destiny. You are the protagonist in your own life story. A story you already have the power to alter in any way you desire. If what you are hearing makes sense to you, my instructions are simple: subscribe, listen, apply, master, share, repeat!


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