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Living Life as a Visual Thinker is a podcast exploring what it REALLY means to be a visual thinker and how it affects us in school, our relationships and our careers. Right brain, visual thinking is creative, innovative thinking that is often undervalued and overlooked in education. Yet, it is critical to our success in the global marketplace! Join Bette as she explains what it is to be a visual thinker, shares strategies to improve academic success and calls focus to the changes that need to be made in education to reach both left and right brain thinkers.In her book, "Being Visual", Bette Fetter shares her personal story of living life as a visual thinker, baring the struggles she faced in school and business and the vital role art played in her success. Bette also shares her vision for a better education system, a system that values both right and left brain thinking. This podcast carries on that vision with episodes that give insight into the way we think and how to leverage it for our success in school, relationships and careers.If you have a question or request for more information on a specific topic email Bette directly: Get a copy of Fetter’s book here: Get actionable tips and tricks to helping your visual learner by visiting Fetter’s blog here:


Bette Fetter


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