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April Vihilidal’s recent Archeo-astronomical discovery, of August 2012, is the Archeo-astronomical find of the time. She has labeled her find, 'The Shadow Phenomenon of the Sphinx'. Her pod casts are aimed at educating people about her Archeo-astronomical find. April Vihilidal aspires to share her knowledge about Ancient Cultures and their relevance in today's modern society. She holds the intent of educating her audience concerning Precession of the Equinoxes. She desires to communicate with her curious audience concerning Orbital Geometry, Sacred Geometry, and Geo-mathematics. Finally, through those very important and unique communications, she envisions the infinite expansion her own consciousness. She imagines herself sharing with her audience and her audience reciprocating concerning her most sacred and scientific journey. AVihilidal paints the picture of a lifetime devoted to the continued and infinitely extendable exploration of, "The Shadow Phenomenon on the Sphinx.' With great respect and care for ancient cultures, AVihilidal also continues researching the Sphinx under its ancient classifications as Hor-emak-et and Hor-akty or Horus ‘in’ the Horizon and Horus ‘on’ the Horizon respectively. Horus is synonymous with the sun. The Sphinx is a Titanic Sundial built during the Epoch of Leo when the Constellation of Leo, the Lion, on the ecliptic was 'in the horizon' each Vernal Equinox.Now, as of Pi Day, March 14th, April Vihilidal has made yet another NEW Archeo-astronomical discovery entitled, ‘Pi and the Circumference of the Earth encoded via the Geodesic Co-ordinates of the Sphinx and the Giza Delta Map’! Stay tuned for new information concerning both of her Archeo-astronomical finds.


April Marie Vihilidal


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