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This is Mike DeZinno the Executive Producer of American Patriot Radio, and the host of “Who’s in charge?” the flagship program here on the APR network. I started the American Patriot Radio project for several reasons. Quite frankly, I grew tired of the divisiveness and vitriolic exchanges heard on the talk shows of the extreme political and social agendas. Who seemed to be more driven by who to disassociate with and who to blame, rather than who they could unite with to effect positive change. And what concerned me more was that by the end of the show these types of forums did nothing more than to sow distrust and fear amongst otherwise good Americans who care about our country and who were the true patriots who genuinely were searching for common ground from which they could unite so that their energy could be put into working on solutions. It isn’t, nor will it ever be, productive to keep listening to the same old problems being rehashed over and over again, with no clear call to action for the listener. That could give the listener simple, clear-cut, practical solutions that they could act upon no matter what their current situation. They could have a road map that they could immediately follow to improve their own lives, and the lives of other like-minded patriots. When I started the American patriot radio project I picked the name very carefully. The word patriot, in its classical meaning, is not a political term that favors one political agenda over another. A patriot is a fellow countryman, someone who is not only proud of what their country does, but also someone who will step up to be counted and who will stand shoulder to shoulder with his fellow patriots to address problems so that all of their fellow countrymen can have better lives. When you see a wrong that needs to be righted, when you see a problem that needs a fair and equitable solution, or an injustice that needs to be remedied, that’s where you will find the true patriots hard at work, work




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