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Ever since the game was in its trial period, I knew that something bigger than myself was involved in taking the message global. I watched the game be a powerful teacher by the dramatic effect in it helped create in people’s lives. During development interesting things started to happen, the editors refused payment and wanted to work for free because they wanted to support the principles being taught in the game. Also, there has not been a game played where one of the players doesn’t say the passing comment that they want the rest of their family to play the game. Artists including one from Disney and Pixar showed up at my doorstep to illustrate, and we found out that the official release date was a few days after the Chinese New Year that represented the year of abundance. The game shows you how you can live a life of abundance. This game shows you not only how to be rich with money, but also how to be rich in your character and spirit.


Brandon Broadwater


Educational Technology, Podcasts, Education
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