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We were used to spend 3-4 days, usually in July, in mountain to take a rest from our work and to plan the work for the next year. This time, for the third edition, we have been able to do something new… this time we had a 3D-DRESD of a week!During the first 3 days we had the first edition of the DRESD-Workshop, a short workshop where all the people involved in DRESD have been invited to present their work and their new idea, discussing also the plans for the future of the group. All the participants discussed together trying to define the goals for the next year. The remaining two days have been dedicated to the D940 training from ATMEL.Let say that the 3D-DRESD is a very good time for the entire group (students, PhDs and professors) to spent sometime knowing each other and working together as a team!




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