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91 Reasons is a peek inside the mind of Jeff Tucker, a writer and performer. His unique style is a combination of This American Life, The Moth and The Hollywood Saloon (All fantastic Podcasts you should be listening to!) What you'll find: Movies! Conventions! Collecting! Exclamation Points! and MORE! From behind a video store counter to the insane world of movie extra work, take a journey with 91 Reasons into the very heart of Pop Culture. Episodes vary from in-depth movie reviews to personal stories of growing up in the 80's. Also features the entire Tucker family in pop culture analysis episodes that will have you laughing the entire time! Featuring Rachael, Luna, Austin & Josie! There are over 200 episodes of 91 Reasons available on Youtube and other platforms. Be sure to like us on Facebook for pictures and videos relating to each episode.


Jeff Tucker


TV & Film, Podcasts
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