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Paul Robinson and Richie Cole are just two odd podcasters from Akron, Ohio. This podcast is all about interviewing a variety of people involved in arts, music & culture within the Akron, Ohio area…or more recently, anybody from anywhere with a talent to share or a story to tell! Our world is filled with fantastic musicians, artists, comedians, and eccentrics. We hope to use this medium in order to share our unique interactions amongst these individuals for you to listen to like a fly on the wall. KEEP IN MIND ALL OF OUR EPISODES ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE TO STREAM OR DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES or AKRONHOUR.PODOMATIC.COM! You can also download any podcast app such as Stitcher or Podcast Addict and search for “Akron Hour” and click play, or better yet, subscribe to our podcast so you’ll automatically get the new episodes as soon as they come out. Using an app or iTunes is the best way for everybody to have access to all of our past and future episodes at the push of a button. We appreciate every listener and value any input, inquiries, or requests to be featured on the show. Thank you.


Paul Robinson and Richie Cole


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