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Blocked 23 days out of a month. Unbelievable! Stop using soundcloud. Alternatives below!!!! I am keeping a scorecard of emails I receive from here and FB of people who won't be paying for soundcloud after their prepaid time is up, I am over 1k, I am gonna create an app to count them (keep them coming!). Several like me had multiple accounts.Soundcloud is among the worst platforms to use. I wish I didn't pay the year up front. I keep getting blocked for 2 days at a time, for trying to return a "Like/Repost/Follow/comments"... I have been paying for this service for years, but it was only this last year that I tried using it. I understand now, why all the complaints and warnings, it is frustrating. I also understand why they are struggling as a business. Because they keep pissing off their paying customers and it appears they are incapable of figuring it out. I am guessing it is because they have too many employees in charge, that don't understand business. Fine, it is painful, but I am starting to take the hint and talking with so many others out there, they have pointed me to several alternatives. Most of which are in business to satisfy their customers. Unlike soundcloud, that blocks you for "Liking/Reposting/Following/Comments" too many times. Today after not logging into this service for a 1.5 days, I clicked about 25 follows (Sorry I like to Follow people that Follow me). Now I'm blocked for 2 days. For Realz! WTF? At the end of my year that I already paid for, I will be glad to look at this site in my rearview mirror. If they do ever get smart about this, I think it will be too little too late. I was told by several people they are leaving Soundcloud's bad politics and going to one or all of these:(I do: Follow for Follow, Listen and comment for comment, like for like etc. It may take a while on this site, since I am blocked every 2 days after 25 ish returns.) (follow me: (follow me: new site in development called (add me: & Book Writer. (Ok I try to sing too, sorry in advance.) :DCurrently reading my book free: The Adventures of Jicef Knight, Soul Reaver. iTunes PodCastDepending on feedback, I will try to get a chapter done every week or two.Most of the music can be downloaded for free but if you feel like supporting click on the buy button, it should say "Support Button" :) Anywho thanks for the Like, Repost and Comment, I always return those kindnesses! :)


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