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When an innocent blue jay starts talking in his sleep, it's up to him to find out what's going on in this fun, naturalistic, Southern-style children's story. (Summary by Miriam Esther Goldman)Cast:Narration: Marty KrisMr. Mocker: GargoyleUnc’ Billy Possum: Barry EadsOld Mrs. Possum: Donna LautenJimmy Skunk: Phil ChenevertSammy Jay: Marty KrisPeter Rabbit: om123Jerry Muskrat: Marty KrisHooty the Owl: Laurie Anne WaldenJenny Wren: Elisabeth HarveyBlacky the Crow: Beverly ScottReddy Fox: JimOCRBoomer the Nighthawk: Marty KrisBobby Coon: Marty KrisSticky-Toes the Tree Toad: Cheri GardnerMistah Buzzard: Beverly ScottGrandfather Frog: JimOCRTeensy Fly: ChyAnne DonnellAudio edited by: Phil Chenevert and Linette Geisel




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