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The #BlackListedUK Podcast is a podcast with a difference. We’re not trying to fit in or conform. We tell it as it is 24/7. Follow us and hear our views, our life experiences and our truth. We got banter too, truss me… lol Come into the world of the blacklisted Follow the Podcasts Official Twitter : @BlackListedUK__ Follow the Podcasts Official Instagram : @BlackListedUK__ Hosts: Babz Twitter: @Puff_Knight Instagram: @Puff_Knight Email: Reddz Twitter: @UncleReddz Instagram: @UncleReddz Email: Eeshmatic Twitter: @Eeshmatic Instagram: @Eeshmatic Email: Do you have a problem you want us to address? Have you got a general question for the team? Wanna get in touch with us? Email:


Babz, Uncle Redz & Eeshmatic (Produced by Marvin Abbey)


Comedy, Podcasts
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