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Take a listen to one of our pods! You're sure to find something you like, and if you don't we want to hear about it! ICFTPD is a podcast in which Travis & AJ find any written word in the public domain, and bring it to the mic with ZERO knowledge on what it entails or how to go about telling it. Them Rowdy Review Boys stars Travis, Kent & AJ. A movie is chosen at random, then it is watched individually, (so as to not persuade anyone's opinion in any one way) to then be discussed together on whether is was worth the watch or not. This discussion can go anywhere! And our NEWEST addition to Apt. 8 Podcasts, Gnash n' Slash the horror review/news show with Nathan Smith. Every week he has a different co-host to discuss a predetermined horror/monster flick and dive into the terrifying truth! So tune in and you may just regret it!




Comedy, Podcasts
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