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Acting For Your Life Foundation * Motivation * Balance Mission Statement Founded by Master Teacher/Actor/Director Kathryn Rae Furrow in 2005, Acting For Your Life is an educational and motivational tool for artists in the entertainment industry that promotes ownership of an artist’s life and career. Through our online course platform, self-guided workbooks and materials, motivational podcasts, apps, and live training series for both life and career, we translate balance tools into daily practices that agree with the artistic mindset and can easily integrate into the artist's routine. With Acting For Your Life’s support, we believe artists have the capacity to thrive in professional and private aspects of the day to day, and we create tools and partnerships that support their foundation and the growth that follows. Vision Statement Foundation: The window to ownership. We are working toward a global community where artists no longer feel they must be starving before, during, or after achieving success in order to consider themselves artists. Motivation: The supportive truth. We believe that motivation for artists comes not only in the form of praise, but also in the form of taking a hard look at where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how its possible to get there. Balance: The key to success. We guide our clients by the knowledge that balance in life and career is the core of sustainability in the entertainment industry, that education of the industry and personal life skills is essential, and that it is within their power to make the changes necessary to promote balance both at home and on the stage.


Acting For Your Life - The Actors Training Series


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