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Want to double the value of your business? Get it fully functioning so you have the option to sell it? Cash Out BIG helps shorten the learning curve to having a non-inventory service business that generates real wealth, real freedom, and a real legacy. (Because if it doesn’t, you may be among the 90% of entrepreneurs who can never afford to stop working). Hosted by award-winning business attorney Nina Kaufman, every weekly episode brings you an interview with successful entrepreneurs and advisors who share how to create a business that can function and grow without depending on its owners—and become a sellable asset that’s worth it. Guests have shared strategies around buisness leadership, recurring revenue streams, automating business systems, building a workforce, alliances, IP licensing, and exit planning, and many others. Listen in, and find out what you can do to Cash Out BIG.


Nina Kaufman, Esq., Speaker, Small Business Attorney, Consultant


Management & Marketing, Podcasts, Business, Health, Careers, Self-Help
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