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For over a decade, Carlton Reed has been in the field of professional training and personal development. Having overcome early challenges with stuttering and self confidence, Carlton now speaks internationally to organizations and churches on a wide range of business topics. Armed with the belief that “our BEST is yet to come,” Carlton speaks with enthusiasm and excitement. After fourteen years in the field of sales and customer service management, he embarked upon a career in professional training and motivational speaking. Since then, thousands have been impacted by his unique brand of inspirational-styled training. As a certified trainer with Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, Carlton received awards for his training excellence in consistently exceeding clients’expectations. He later became a featured speaker with National Seminars/ Rockhurst University. Carlton is the founder and CEO of Great Expectations Seminars, Inc., a company whose mission is to empower individuals to take inventory of their lives and maximize their potential by providing a seminar experience that is inspirational, dynamic, interactive, and unforgetable. People leave his seminars, not only excited about their jobs, but their lives, as well.With an emphais on expectations, his personal motto is “This day is about as great as you expect that it will be!” Carlton’s list of clients served include: the United States Marine Corps, Verizon Wireless, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, the University of Alabama, and the Washington Post, to name a few. Specializing in inspiration and leadership, Carlton’s passion is to inspire people to take inventory of their lives as Sons and daughters of God, and live lives that are legendary for Him. A captivating inspirational speaker, Carlton has a unique gift for encouraging others to “see themselves as the heroes in their own adventures with God.” His training has been described as powerful, relevant, interactive, and unforgettable.


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