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Hello and welcome to Career CPR, the Podcast that will take your career off life support and put you back on the fast-track to success and satisfaction. The show gives tips and tools in the area of job satisfaction and career success. Your host for Career CPR is the multi-talented author, speaker, MBA, and registered Nurse Mrs Tami Gilbert! With over 3 decades of experience, Tami is a job-satisfaction expert and an experienced career consultant. Joining her dynamic, hard-hitting, fun, and insightful podcast is co-host Jerry Cox. Jerry is also a registered nurse, with her master of science in nursing, and Certified Rehab nurse, she is an educator, a manager, and clinical nursing instructorTogether, both of these experts will give you the advice and guidance you need to boost your career satisfaction as well as the occasional wake-up call to get you motivated. One thing you’ll definitely experience from every podcast is passion, because Tami and Jerry are passionate people who truly want to see you happy and successful, no matter where your career path takes you. After the podcast, remember to enroll in her excellent job satisfaction workshop and… If you’re looking for a career consultant… Send email to or call 847-943-9014




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