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We are Nick and Chris, two avid readers and business people. Nick is a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Sioux Falls, SD., and Chris is a Owner’s Project Manager in Salem, Oregon. Their wive’s have been best friends since middle school, although, post-college endeavors separated them. In 2012, Chris and his wife moved to Sioux Falls, SD. Upon arriving in Sioux Falls both their wive’s forced a double date and assured their husbands that they would hit it off. Despite the nine year age difference between Nick and Chris, there were numerous common interests that sparked a friendship. Fast forward three years, to November 2015, Nick and Chris were a few beers deep and the Business Commuters’ Podcast was conceived. A podcast that enlightens, entertains and enriches, through our readings, on your way to work. Follow us on Twitter @bizcompod


Business Commuters'


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