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Welcome to the Building Your health brand podcast. Thank you for stopping by and sitting in on today’s interview. You are about to meet the movers & shakers in the natural health business. If you are looking to launch a new brand in the Health Space or ever dream of taking a new product to market, you came to the right place. The Health & Wellness industry is set to break the $1 TRILLION Dollar mark in 2017, so we are about to interview those who have taken the plunge and hope to strike it big! Hi I am your host is Brian Gangel – Holistic Health Leader, Owner / Founder of BG Angel .com and Canada’s QRA Expert. Today I will share my 30+ years of experience in building & selling brands in the Health Space, this includes the infomercial/As Seen on TV - product promotion World, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution business, Plus teaching, training, coaching and motivation others to be highly successful health care practitioners.


Brian Gangel


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