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Building a Law Firm with Christopher Small is all about how to start, build, market, grow, scale, sell, manage, lead and create the life of your dreams with a law firm. Episodes will include interviews with successful law firm owners, social media experts, Facebook marketing experts, Google adwords experts, leadership experts, management experts, and anyone that can help us accomplish the goal of making your life as a law firm owner more profitable and enjoyable. Some of the people I’d love to have on the show include Gary Vaynerchuk, Amy Porterfield, Lewis Howes, Russell Brunson, Mike Dillard, Tim Ferris, Jordan Harbinger, James Altucher, and anyone else that’s got a powerful message. I have started two law firms successfully and know how hard it is to learn how to do things right. My number one goal is to fast track your success by taking the guess work out of starting and marketing a law firm.


Christopher Small


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