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This is the show that will help you change your life.Mixing a little fun, with a whole lot of raw, unfiltered realism, entrepreneur and Intuitive Business and Success Strategist Carrie Cardozo brings you a weekly podcast focused on being honest with where you are in business and life, the part you play in that, and where you want go. Breaking Through Walls explores the roots of success and failure, and the lessons learned along the way. Each episode provides you with practical advice, strategies and tools to win, as well as create the life you want - professionally and personally.Carrie is motivated by a desire to help people conquer the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and skills that hold them back. As a business strategists, her goal is to help you live with more passion and purpose, gain confidence, uncover what’s locked deep within you, take back your power, and build the life you’re meant to live. Nothing is off-limits, and Carrie is here to uncover, break down and overcome the obstacles that limit you from achieving your business and life successes.Week after week Carrie is going to share experiences and stories of walls, the lesson’s she has learned, the challenges she has over come and offer the tools you need to break down, overcome, build - or rebuild - the lives, businesses, careers, relationships and families you want. This is a journey of life - don’t let it be wasted or limited by the walls that have been placed in your path. You’ll also be inspired by guests who come from all walks of life. They’re eager to share their own experiences and the lesson’s they are continuing to live by today. Obstacles are guaranteed throughout life, and success can only come when you step out of the shadows and break through the walls that hold you back from living an authentic life. Topics range from business, entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, building teams, and success, to motivation, mindset, goal setting, relationship building, parenting, health and life creation – every aspect of living a rich, fulfilling life. So if you’re ready to step into what is rightfully yours, take back your power, and create everything you’ve ever imagined, then start right now on Breaking Through Walls. Find out more at thanks to Pete Yorn for graciously allowing me to use his song “Life On A Chain” as our intro and outro music!


Carrie Cardozo


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