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YOU WOULDN'T LET AN 8 YR OLD DRIVE YOUR CAR—STOP LETTING ONE RUN YOUR LIFE. Patterns of emotional addiction become hardwired into your body between the ages of 8 and 15 and most of us have NO IDEA they even exist - let alone serve as our primary decision-making source for all aspects of our lives. AND the truth is... you don’t need a thousands per month "life-coach" who thrives on your financial co-dependence or another medication to numb your feelings + anxiety. It's time to break the cycle. ENTER Break Method - an alternative therapy method that helps facilitate your SWIFT breakthrough and teach you the tools to live a life of sustainable FREEDOM from fear, anxiety, guilt, shame and stagnation. AND THIS IS MY PROMISE TO YOU - No pointlessly unpacking old wounds, no flowery pollyanna b.s and for the love of your freedom—PLEASE no awkward relationship where I'm endlessly "helping" you while continually profiting off you. Let's cut the crap + get down to business. At the end of the day: it's you that has to set yourself free; you have to WANT things to be different—BUT, if you've got the "want"—you've just found your "how" in The Break Method: School of Self-Mastery.


Bizzie Gold


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