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The original podcast dedicated to strip away the buzz, the marketing spin and the hype by getting under the hood and giving you “all coffee… no sugar”. The only coffee podcast show motivating you to take action and accelerate your results with your coffee and your business by sharing tools, resources, ideas, reviews and interviews which work on getting you the biggest results by concentrating on the important small things. Interviewing real coffee business owners and probing their minds to get you what works or doesn’t work so you can implement the stuff that works and stop the things that don’t. Reviewing products paid or not paid that only give great results in your business looking at features that are only going to help you get great results. Showing you tools, resources and ideas that help you be more productive in your business so that you can free up some time and use it for working on your business or spend time with you enjoy doing.


Patrizio Blandi


Training, Podcasts, Education, Business, Management & Marketing
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