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An exclusive look into the lives of influencers, CEO's, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, vagabonds and kickass empowering woman around the world. Bitchin Over Wine is a podcast created and hosted by the creator of The SavVy Bitch Lifestyle Robynne Eaton who is a single mom, serial Internetpreneur and actress/model who travels the world. After being a struggling artist tied to restaurants, door to sales and even the forsaken corporate desk, Robynne has stepped out to created her own online empire that specializes in all things Internet. From information, products, services, and internet marketing strategies to technology resources, Robynne's mission with Bitchin Over Wine Podcast is to create a lifestyle community of like-minded supportive individuals, and to encourage other brave souls to break free from their fears and expectations that society places upon us to move forth and create your own very own ultimate Lifestyle Design. 


The SavVy Bitch Lifestyle


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