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A podcast about learning, leadership and the limitations we impose on ourselves. The idea of the "black stump" is an Australian colloquialism, it is used to describe the limits of the mapped or surveyed area. The term seems to be derived from the practice of burning or marking a tree stump as a surveyors mark. It is also metaphor for the limits of our known universe. And it can also reflect the limitations we impose on our thinking, as this quote describes; “the Black Stump is much more than an imaginary marker – it is a fixed point in our mind, the fixed ideas that limit our thinking. It marks the limit of our comfort zone."[Ed Simpson] Each week I will be chatting with a different guest - fellow practitioners in the risk, resilience and continuity communities - who will share their history, their current context, accepted practices and their novel ideas. The aim is to provide a new and practical approach to thought leadership.


Ken Simpson


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