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Belief Radio(TM)... because with self-belief anything is possible.We exist to spread positivity around the world and by doing so,inspire listeners to be the change they want to see in their ownlives! We tend to get what we focus on in life, so Belief Radio isabout helping people to shape the lives they want to be living andshow, through positive examples, guest speakers and debates, that youreally can achieve your goals, dreams and desires when you know how tomanifest what you really want. Rich Smith, Belief Global(TM) Founder, and legendary radio Producer, Phil Keeler regularly gives interviews andhosts discussions, including with celebrities and people who havereally achieved amazing things in life, to help give listeners theskills, inspiration and empowerment to start positive changes in theirown life to achieve their own specific goals and aspirations. The show also hosts interviews with amazingly talented musicians andbroadcasts live music and interviews with creative artists from allover the world. Belief Radio(TM)'s long term goal is to make a positive contributionto a happier, more equal and successful world for everyone to live in.We are a brand of Belief Global(TM) who donates 20% of its annualcompany profits to charitable and worthwhile causes and has anexciting vision to donate over £1trillion before the year 2030 tohelp make a positive difference in the world.With a compelling desire and unshakeable self-belief, anything ispossible, so listen-in to hear cool music, interesting interviews andlively debates that just might give you what you are looking for tolive an even happier and more successful life. Find out more at




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